The Peninsula Wilderness Search and Rescue (WSAR) sprung into action after a caller reported that a hiker had slipped on wet terrain while walking in Platteklip Gorge on Wednesday evening and sustained a fracture.

“Metro Medical Rescue Technicians, Rescue Mountaineers and Logistical support crew were dispatched to Tafelberg road for a possible stretcher carry out the injured person,” WSAR said. “The Rapid Response team consisted of a Metro Medical Rescue Technician and a Rescue Mountaineer who climbed up the stepped pathway to reach the scene of the incident. It was discovered that the party consisted of two hikers, a male and a female from Brazil. They were being led down the gorge by a local mountain guide who the tourists had employed. The lady had unfortunately sustained a leg fracture after taking a fall on the soaked path.”

While the woman was receiving treatment, back-up WSAR team members arrived at the Incident Command Post on Tafelberg road.

The various rescue and medical equipment that was required had to be carried up the gorge by the responders. At this time, a heavy downpour of rain complicated the rescue efforts, and it was necessary to set up rope systems in order to secure a safe decent of the patient and the rescuers.

The casualty had her leg immobilised before being packaged into a survival bag to keep her dry. She was placed in a stretcher that was attached to a series of rope and anchoring equipment, after which she was carried down the mountain. “The strong wind, rainy and wet conditions were challenges the team faced while executing the evacuation in the dark,” WSAR said.

Once the rescue party had reached Tafelberg road, the tourist was handed over to an ambulance crew who transported her to a medical facility for further treatment.

Picture: WSAR

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