Chaos erupted on the corner of Long and Strand Street less than an hour ago as three robbers dressed up as SAPS policemen were foiled while robbing a cellphone repair store at that location.

We can report that shots were fired but that nobody was injured. At least not by a bullet. One of the suspects was ‘detained’ by bystanders while the other two suspects fled on foot, only to be caught by security less than five minutes later.

Although unconventional and technically illegal, the public took matters into its own hands in apprehending the suspects and leaving them battered, to say the least. It has now been confirmed that CCID Security and City Law Enforcement helped detain the men.

It is great to know we have such efficient security in the city. This could have escalated for the worse and thankfully nobody got injured except for the perps.

Details are still emerging, so we’ll update this post when more information becomes available.

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