The beloved Brownies & Downies cafe in Cape Town is closing its doors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Founders Wade & Wendy Schultz explain that the business took a hard knock from the ongoing lockdown in South Africa.

“After 11 long weeks of consultations and doing everything in our power to save this beautiful concept – due to the complications of extended lockdown, persistent overhead costs, sudden drops of income, reduction in donations and the uncertainty of the near future, we have had to make this hard decision to close,” they explain in a Facebook post.

The founders hope that this is not a permanent goodbye, and that they can reopen again in future.

“To all our loyal customers, donors and supporters – we appreciate you so much and thank you for an amazing 4 years. Perhaps we’ll meet again in the future, but for now, stay safe and ’til next time.”

The founders also shared this sweet video from over the years the cafe has been open.

Brownies & Downies opened in 2016 as a place to uplift the intellectually disabled and give them an opportunity to learn, grow and be accepted.

Last year, the cafe faced other troubles when a five-year ban that was placed on the Dutch co-owner of the local spot, Wendy Vermeulen, by the Department of Home Affairs. The ban was lifted in 2019.

Vermeulen and her husband had plans to take the Brownies and Downies concept nationwide, expanding the franchise to other parts of the country.

The store and all that they stand for will be greatly missed by the Cape Town community and beyond.

Picture: Facebook / Brownies & Downies

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