Many locals feared the worst when a home affairs mixup left the future of Brownies & Downies hanging in the balance, but the café announced yesterday that their troubles are now over.

The five-year ban that was placed on the Dutch co-owner of the local spot was lifted yesterday and she will be able to return to South Africa to continue her important work.

“We received the wonderful news from the Department of Home Affairs this morning that Wendy’s ban has been lifted, and that she will be able to re-enter South Africa. We are elated about the outcome, and look forward to welcoming her home soon,” said Brownies & Downies in a Facebook post.

The local café expressed their thanks to the publications who carried their story as it reached the ears of local fans and De Saudi Attorneys, who came to their rescue and were able to resolve the issue.

“Our heartfelt thanks to all the other media who carried our story; De Saude Attorneys; and the greater South African public who supported us on social media, who came into the restaurant or called us to support us. An especially big thank you to our team at Brownies and Downies; thank you for your continued hard work and commitment, and for your faith that Wendy would be reunited with us soon,” they said.

After an unpleasant occurrence that could have closed the inclusive and positive space for good, we’re happy to report that Brownies & Downies’ delicious brownies and happy faces aren’t going anywhere.

Picture: Facebook/Brownies & Downies

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Aimee Pace

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