Many locals have been scratching their heads after Burger King’s latest announcement that several of their stores will now be serving bacon, and therefore losing their Halaal certification. Out of respect for their Muslim clients, however, they will be dropping the “ham” from their menu.

This news comes as the fast-food giant has decided to add bacon to their menu, introducing a new “Bacon King”, a towering burger featuring a heaped helping of crispy bacon.

As of September 2019, a select number of their stores no longer have their Halaal-certification, in spite of this, the menu will still feature all original Halaal menu items.

Burger King says this move was inspired by a number of requests from non-Halaal consumers for a new offering that includes bacon.

In total 40 restaurants across the country will lose their certification with 56 remaining unchanged.

Forming part of this movement Burger King will also be removing the “ham” in hamburger out of respect for their Muslim patrons. From now on menu items will just be called “burgers”.

Interestingly enough the ham in hamburger is featured in the name out of reference for the German city of Hamburg where the concept of burger patties supposedly originates. The name does not at all reference pork or ham as hamburgers traditional are made of beef.

KwaZulu-Natal is the only province whose restaurants will remain unchanged.

The following restaurant locations in Cape Town will be losing their Halaal-certification:

– Blue Route Mall

– Cape Gate Shopping Centre

– N2 Strand

Picture: Facebook/Burger King SA

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