Three buses have been set alight during protest action on the N2 outbound at the Symphony Road Bridge near Delft. The incidents took place on the morning of Friday, August 14.
Three Golden Arrow buses were torched and gutted. Protest action also took place on the N2 at the R300, where tyres were used to block a section of the road off. This has resulted in the closure of Borcherds Quarry Road.
Buses set alight during protest action near Delft
Buses set alight during protest action near Delft
According to City of Cape Town Mayco Member for Safety and Security JP Smith, a fire crew also came under attack in Delft on the evening of Thursday, August 13.

“The crew from Belhar responded to an emergency call just before 8pm of a truck alight in Delft South. The area was experiencing load-shedding at the time. They met up with their SAPS escort at Hindle Road, but just as they were nearing the incident, the crew came under attack, with a brick hurled at the windscreen,” Smith said.

“They called for additional protection to exit the volatile area. The crew were extremely shaken, and after meeting with a Fire Service chaplain, a decision was made to send them home, which left the Belhar Fire station non-operational for the rest of the night,” he added. “This is type of thuggish behaviour is becoming an all too regular occurrence and has potentially devastating consequences for law-abiding citizens who require emergency services.”

“Not only does it slow down response times as fire crews do not enter volatile areas without a police escort, but given the escalation in attacks – even with an escort – the City might be forced to withdraw this service altogether where unrest is being experienced.”

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