The beach ban by government has resulted in the beaches being left deserted on beautiful sunny days as resident retreat to their own pools and walks along the beachfront, from a safe distance on the pavement.

On January 1, a day which usually records the highest traffic on beaches in Camps Bay and other popular beaches in Cape Town, there was no activity. No beach umbrellas dotting the shoreline, no noise, absolutely nothing. This is highly commendable, as we all need to do our part to bring down the Coronavirus infection rate.

Camps Bay 1 January 2021

A sight never seen before in Camps Bay on this date ?

Posted by Camps Bay & Clifton Ratepayers Association on Friday, 1 January 2021


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Strand Beach, also known for a big New Years beach celebration, stood empty with many expressing how much they miss the sea.

Strand Beach empty on January 1. Credit: Nur-Ali Baderoen/ Strand Facebook Group

“Dit is sad ek mis die see en my kinders [This is sad, I miss the sea and my children],” said one user in a Strand, Gordon’s Bay and Somerset West Facebook Group.

Others think the lack of people on the beach is better for the environment, as full beaches do often result in increased litter and pollution around this time of year.

“It’s looks so peaceful and clean. Nature needs to have some quiet time to get her batteries charged,” another group member said.

Picture:  Camps Bay and Clifton Ratepayers Association/Facebook

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