Two scared Cape Fur Seals were rescued after being trapped near the Robinson Drydock, in the V&A Waterfront on Monday. The seals were visibly scared and unable to escape after the water was drained from the dock, leaving them trapped.

Transnet got in contact with the Two Oceans Aquarium to rescue these lovable furry friends. Two Oceans Aquarium sped to the scene right away but proceeded with extra caution so as not to scare the already frightened seals. Tandem Cranes assisted in the rescue.

This is how they were freed.

Interesting facts about Cape Fur Seals:

– They frequent waters of False Bay, particularly along the Gordon’s Bay Coastline and Seal Island all year round.
– Cape Fur Seals get their names due to their furry pelts, with are thicker and more furry than other types of seals.
– Seals are very friendly and often visit divers as they explore the Cape waters.
– Females give birth to just one pup, between mid-November and late December, where newborns can be seen basking in the sun at Gordon’s Bay.
– Cape Fur Seals live up to 25 years.

Did we just rescue a seal pretending to be a shark? ??? Over the weekend, our Seal Monitors spotted a strange sight – a Cape fur seal with a shark fin! Upon closer investigation, we discovered that the seal was actually tangled in a fishing line which someone had attached a shark fin* to, probably to sun dry. Removing the fishing line from the seal was a quick task and we are happy to report that it was not injured (although without its new shark fin it probably lost a lot of its street cred). *We have yet to ID the shark species that the fin belonged to, and suspect that it many have been caught by poachers. However, fishing of some shark species in South Africa is legal as long as it is within the legal quotas and with the correct permits. #2oceansaquarium #twooceansaquarium #aquarium #animals #capetown #southafrica #cityofcapetown #capetownvibes #meetsouthafrica #capetownbound #thisisafrica #weheartsa #seal #entangled #animalrescue #weird #funny #disguise #harbourseal

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In 2007, the Two Oceans Aquarium started assisting government department, Oceans and Coasts, with helping seals injured at V&A Waterfront. These seals were often injured by looped debris and box bands. Founders of Oceans and Coasts, Claire Taylor and Vincent Calder, often patrol the harbour and are always ready to help a seal in need.

On December 14, 2010, the Seal Platform outside Shoreline Café was unveiled and assists with a space to enclose seals while they have debris removed and also allows the public to enjoy the friendly presence of these special visitors. Since then the platform has become home to many frequent furry visitors who simply love hanging around.



Pictures: Two Oceans Aquarium 

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