During winter it’s understandable that we want to spend more time indoors. It seems it’s not only the Mother City’s human residents who feel this way. A Cape Grysbok recently made himself comfortable at a residential property in Raithby.

The SPCA’s Wildlife Team assisted with the capture and relocation of the grysbok.

“The property was large and rich in natural vegetation and the Cape Grysbok, delighted with his find, was completely unaware of the danger presented by the home’s resident dogs,” explain the SPCA on Facebook.

“It took almost 3 hours to sedate this nimble little guy who was darting around the property through some very dense vegetation. He was finally successfully darted by veterinarian, Dr Le Roux and after being checked and cleared, he was successfully released back into the wild in a protected area a short while later.”

It was a team effort, thanks to the help of the Wellington Animal Hospital, Cape Nature for assisting in covering the veterinary fees and various members of the public who kept a watchful eye on the Grysbok’s movements.

The Cape Grysbok is a small, solitary and shy antelope. They typically measure about 54cm in height and adults weight 10kg, according to Kruger Park.

Their coarse coat of hair is both white and reddish-brown, which inspired its name. Only the males have horns which are about 6-8cm in length.

Grysbok typically live in the southern mountain valleys and scrub-covered flats of the Western and Eastern Cape Provinces in South Africa, and are endemic to the Fynbos Biome. They spend most of the day lazing around then browse at night.

Picture: Facebook / Good Hope SPCA

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