A Cape Town Based Organization called Giving is Living is going the extra mile to change the lives of animals. Their initiative strives to help animal welfare charities across South Africa. One of their most recent projects is providing kennels to Township Dogs across Cape Town. They are acquiring sponsorship and aiming to donate 100 kennels through An Organization called The Purple Kennel Project.

The Purple Kennel project was founded in 2016 by Samantha Chatham with the help of her assistant Luckmore Fadzi on the concept that kennels are at the top of every welfare organization’s ‘wish list’. Through their organization they have managed to donate over 1117 kennels to dogs without shelter across Cape Town. Members of the public can purchase a kennel and in return they get pictures of the kennel they donated, along with the dog it has been donated to as well as a kennel badge with the donors name on it.

A happy pair of dogs in front of their new kennel.

As a company that is hands on, Giving is Living wanted to accompany animal welfare organizations on the kennel deliveries that they acquired sponsorship for. During these deliveries they found a shocking number of animals that were tethered and kept on chains having to eat, sleep, urinate and defecate within a 1m or even smaller radius.

Thus was born Giving is Livings new initiative ‘Movement for Mutts’.

This project has been set up to Unchain as many dogs as possible in Rural Areas across Cape Town. It will involve putting up Runners and or fences where possible. 

A Giving is Living volunteer delivering a new kennel to a local community.

Giving is Living is urging members of the public to help them unchain these dogs by donating any unwanted building materials (such as steel poles, cement, wire, hooks, durable strong collars, chains, anchors, bamboo fencing, chicken wire and pallets). Volunteers to help build the fences and runners

are desperately needed as well as Monetary donations which can not only be used to purchase building materials but can also be used to buy blankets, dog food and kennels. For all information regarding this project as well as the other projects they are involved in visit www.givingisliving.co.za

For more information on The Purple Kennels Project visit www.purplekennelproject.co.za

Pictures: Facebook/Giving is Living/Purple Kennels Project

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