Residents of the Overstrand say their municipality is barking up the wrong tree following the local council’s reminder to pet-owners that they are required to pay an annual dog tax.

According to the council, official by-laws state that locals are required to pay this tax for each dog that they own every year to be a licensed owner.

The municipality clarified that dogs are the only animal liable for tax at a rate of R86 per hound. According to the rules, cats are exempt from the tax but owners can only have up to three cats at a time before needing a permit.

To inform residents of the rules, the district took to Facebook to post a reminder.

“Your lovable canine needs to be licensed. Owners of dogs are required to have their pets registered and shall be required to pay an annual tax for them. The annual tax which is payable currently amounts to R86 per dog; social pensioners and indigent people may be excluded upon application to the Municipality. Application forms can be obtained from the Offices of the Area Managers at Kleinmond, Hermanus, Stanford and Gansbaai Administrations. It is the responsibility of a dog owner to control their dog, failure of which may constitute an offence which may lead to the provisions of Section 15 of the by-law being invoked,” said the municipality in a Facebook post.

The By-Laws Relating to the Keeping of Dogs and Cats is the official title the tax is being implemented under and also features information regarding an owner’s responsibilities to their animal.

Towns that fall under the Overstrand Municipality include Gansbaai and Hermanus. Other exemptions to the tax include veterinary, dog training and dog breeding facilities as well as properties where dogs are kept for security purposes.

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