We may still be in winter, but yesterday we were given a taste of summer, and man does it feel great. Summers in Cape Town are always glorious. The outdoor adventures, the late sunsets and all the amazing tourists that flock to our city to stimulate our economy. In the wake of the busy summer season, Cape Point is undergoing upgrades to ensure they are ready.

Traveller24 reports the popular tourist attraction is currently getting upgraded to the tune of an estimated R34 million. The upgrades should help enhance the visitor experience and are expected to be completed by summer.


Most of the funds allocated to Cape Point are going towards the main gate and upgrading the roads. An additional lane is being added to the main gate and the road will be expanded to ease congestion flow.

SANParks Cape Region’s Tarcia Hendricks says that upgrades to the Cape of Good Hope will also affect Cape Point. Their water line and sewerage system are being redone and all ablution facilities are also getting an upgrade. The Cape Point lighthouse will undergo its annual maintenance as well.


While the upgrades are taking place, people who are travelling the Cape Point Route should be aware of delays. There is a stop/go traffic management system in place while the roadworks are done. If you find yourself waiting at the stop/go point, and feeling a little annoyed, think about how wonderful it will be when the upgrades are done and you can access Cape Point easily. It won’t be long, summer is just around the corner!

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