A popular restaurant in Camps Bay could soon be in court after they posted on social media that they are open during the lockdown.

The Lawns at the Roundhouse told locals that they would be serving up cooked meals for takeaway as they had received their essential services certificate.

Since the announcement it has been revealed that the application process for becoming an essential service is automated and that some establishments such as the Lawns are taking advantage of this.

According to the Daily Voice, a worker at the Department of Trade and Industry said the automated application process was the result of time constraints and that restaurants were taking advantage of the system.

“People abuse the system, supermarkets and shops that sell food fall under one category and restaurants take advantage of this by saying they provide food services,” he says.

According to this source, the Department of Trade and Industry has revoked hundreds of certificates that were fraudulently obtained.

Part of the application involves signing an agreement to accept legal action if any information in the application is untrue.

The post shared by the restaurant has since been removed and the Department of Trade and Industry has confirmed that they will be taking legal action against the establishment.

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