Cape of Good Hope SPCA Inspector Siyabonga Mbukutshe was met by a gruesome scene on Tuesday, February 2 when he was dispatched to a dog owner’s home in Wallacedene, Kraaifontein to find a bleeding canine named Numbers.

The dog’s owner explained to the inspector that she had returned home from work and told by kids in the street that Numbers had been stabbed by someone known in the area.

Inspector Siyabonga took the injured dog to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA hospital in Grassy Park for treatment. The South African Police Service (SAPS) was called, but the suspect fled as SAPS arrived.

Numbers had an incision of about 2cm consistent with a stab wound caused by a sharp object. There was a lot of swelling and resident veterinarian Dr Zoey suspected blood clots have formed under the skin. They are exploring any internal damage.

“This was such a disturbing call. I feel so bad for this beautiful young dog. Someone from outside enters the property and stabbed him inside his yard. I am so angry because of what happened to this innocent animal,” said Inspector Mbukutshe.

The Inspector is now on a quest for justice for Numbers and is in the process of collating affidavits from witnesses.

“I intend to lay criminal charges against the perpetrator, I am taking this case all the way. I have informed the police this suspect must be apprehended and must be in jail for this act of cruelty – I need justice for Numbers.”

The inspector added: “This is the 21st century, Animal Cruelty must stop and it has to stop with you and me. If you don’t like animals, stay away from them.”

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Picture/s: Facebook/Cape of Good Hope SPCA

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