An estimated 10 000 people will be taking to the streets of Cape Town on 9 May for a peaceful march to raise awareness about the benefits of cannabis.

Now in its 11th year, the Cape Town Cannabis March is not just about ‘walking for a plant’ but rather for the ‘liberation of rights for cannabis users’. This is an opportunity for Capetonians of all ages, races, political views and cultures to come together and stand for a cause they believe in.

Although illegal and still somewhat controversial in our moderately conservative nation, even the briefest Google search will return results about the positive applications and benefits of the cannabis plant, including the many uses for hemp. A further Google search will reveal the dubious origins of the outlawing of the plant.

It is for these reasons that the Cape Town Cannabis March has grown from its humble beginnings in 2004 to around 7 000 people last year. Medical and recreational use of the plant is being increasingly legalised around the globe, from a growing number of states in the USA to the liberal South American nation of Uruguay.

Certainly a hot topic in the world at the moment. Whether you are for it, against it or just take a neutral stance on it, the cannabis movement is growing. Personally, I feel that criminalising a plant is absurd.

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