Crime in Cape Town’s central business district has fallen by 73% across all crime catagories during Level 4 of the lockdown. This is compared to the number of incidents at the same time last year.

The statistics were released by the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID). According to the organisation, between March 26 and May 15 this year, only 94 occurances of crime were reported. Last year, in the same period, 340 incidents were reported.

“The number of contact crimes has also dropped dramatically compared with the same period last year. In 2019 there were 23 robberies, 83 cases of theft out of motor vehicles and 38 cases of people fighting in public. From the start of lockdown until 15 May 2020, there were five robberies (a reduction of 78%), 5 cases of theft out of motor vehicle (a reduction of 92%) and 11 cases of people fighting in public (a reduction of 70%),” CCID said in a statement.

Additionally, they reported that there had been no incidents of ATM fraud, which is a common occurrence in the CBD, and no incidents of general theft.

According to the CCID, the main crimes being committed at this point in time are ” fighting in public, possession of illegal substances and possible stolen goods, and prostitution.” At the beginning of the lockdown, however, business break-ins were common.

The CCID has also upheld the enforcement of various lockdown rules, including the fining of those selling cigarettes and breaking curfew.

“Fines of over R20 000 have been issued for the illegal sale of cigarettes and people being out on the streets without a permit from 8pm to 5am,” said CCID Safety & Security manger Mo Hendricks.

Picture: Nidha Narrandes

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