The latest weekly info on dam levels has just been posted by the City of Cape Town – here’s an overview about how we are faring.

An average increase of 1.7% was observed across the board since last week’s dam level report, while the average daily consumption target of 500 million liters per day improved – but still at 599 million daily liters on average and 99 million liters behind target.

Dam levels Cape Town August 28th, 2017


Meanwhile, the back-to-back cold fronts from early last week brought over 25mm of rain in some places.

Rainfall Cape Town


Another front is currently making its way to the Cape, with some light rainfall expected over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday. Looking beyond that, there are no further imminent signs at this moment of incoming weather patterns which may be favourable for rain. Will we have a dry September? It’s probably too early to say.

Over the past week our average daily consumption has decreased and dam levels have marginally increased – no big changes here, but little steps in the right direction. For now we can look forward to tomorrow’s rain and hope for more.

Let us continue to conserve our water and strictly follow the water usage guidelines and target as set out by the City of Cape Town. View the full water dashboard here.


Photography Meghan Opperman


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