Cape Town – November has arrived, and with it, so has the promise of summer and a fierce south-easter wind.

Last week, dams supplying Cape Town with water stabilised at 38.5% with no change following the week of October 23. On November 3, collective levels had dropped by 0.3% to 38.2%. Compared to just last year, this displayed an annual decrease of 21.7%.


Cape Town dam levels 6 November


No further rain or passing cold fronts are forecast for at least the next two weeks. As temperatures begin to noticeably increase, and Table Mountain becomes shrouded in its iconic summertime “table cloth”, the water crisis continues to be dreary. It is a certainty that dam levels will continue to decrease without rain.

As ‘Day Zero’ inches up on us and the City of Cape Town implements water rationing through its Water Disaster Plan, residents are strongly advised to adhere to their 87 litres quota each day and keep a backup of 5 litres at home for emergency use.

This is a developing story and a full update will be provided after the City of Cape Town releases the weekly overview this afternoon.

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