If there’s one thing we Capetonians like to talk about, it’s the weather.

Yesterday you could easily forgive us, as that searing 40ºC (and in some places 42ºC) heat took everyone by surprise.

News24 reported that yesterday Cape Town took the title of Hottest City in the World – and they weren’t just talking about everyone on Clifton 4th. Our temperature topped that of Dar es Salaam, Bangkok and, oh, you know, just the Sahara Desert.


But few could complain of the heat without thinking what our firefighters and Volunteer Wildfire Services were experiencing, as they continue to battle the tragic Muizenberg blaze, now in its fourth day.

We’ve come back down to a manageable 25ºC today, but keep doing those rain dances everyone – our beautiful Table Mountain National Park sure could use even a drizzle at this stage.

Of course, our favourite peak had plenty to say on the matter:

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