Cape Town’s weather is known for being subject to rapid change – the city can have warm and sunny weather one day, then be rainy and overcast the next. Predictions for the next week are no different.

Here is what to expect:

On Wednesday, March 11, Capetonians can prepare for an odd combination – high temperatures paired with cloudy skies and rain. According to the SA Weather Service, temperatures will reach 28°C.

There is a 30% chance of precipitation for the early hours of the morning, which is expected to bring 5mm in rain. Wind speeds will also reach between 18.52 km/h and 27.78 km/h.

Source: SA Weather Service

On Thursday, March 12, Capetonians can expect another damp day paired with high temperatures. There is a 30% chance of showers, which are expected to bring 5mm of rain down on the city.

Windspeeds of between 18.52 km/h and 9.26 km/h can be expected.

Source: SA Weather Service

On Friday, March 13, skies will be clear again. Temperatures as high as 27°C can be expected, as well as low wind speeds of 9.26 km/h.

There is a 0% chance of precipitation.

Source: SA Weather Service

Picture: Pixabay

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