Cape Town vehicle number plates starting with CAA will soon run out, and will be replaced with a new numerical code ending in WC.

According to Western Cape Transport MEC Bonginkosi Madikizela, the old number plates will be replaced with a combination of alpha and numeric characters followed by WC at the end, similar to Eastern Cape and Gauteng number plates.

These new number plates are being created to allow for a larger yield to be produced. The current CAA plates only allow 99,999 plates to be produced, whereas the WC system is expected to produce 16-million number plates.

“CAA will be replaced by apha numerical characters for the Western Cape, which is exactly the same way the Eastern Cape and Gauteng has done it,” Madikizela tells CapeTalk. “We believe this is the best way to go because with that particular system you can be able to produce about 16-million  number plates, so it will take a very long time for us to have a problem with number plates if the public agrees with us on that.”

The CAA number plates are still relatively new, having only been introduced in May 2019.

The change will soon be open for public comment on the Government gazette.

CA, CAA and WP number plate holders will be required to trade in their old number plates, however there is not specific time frame as of yet.

Picture: Pixabay

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