Mercer has released its 20th quality of life ranking, which takes a look at which cities provide the best standard of living. Cape Town featured within the top 100, taking the 94th spot.

The rankings are based on individual surveys conducted in each city, and are then revised to reflect significant political, economic and environmental developments.

The living conditions are measured against the following categories:

– Political and social environment
– Economic environment
– Socio-cultural environment
– Medical and health considerations
– Schools and education
– Public services and transportation
– Recreation
– Consumer goods
– Housing
– Natural environment

Source: Mercer

“Despite economic volatility in Europe due to uncertainty around Brexit as well as increased political volatility in the region overall, many of its cities still offer the world’s highest quality of living and continue to remain attractive destinations for expatriates on assignment,” the report found.

“(However) cities in emerging markets, though challenged by economic and political turmoil, are catching up with top ranking cities following decades of investing in infrastructure, recreational facilities and housing in order to attract talent and multinational businesses.”

Cape Town is ranked 94th in the world in terms standards of living, with Johannesburg following at number 95.

The capital city of Mauritius, Port Louis, is the highest ranking African city for quality of living at number 83. Durban is ranked second after Port Louis at number 89.

Notably, Durban topped Port Louis when it comes to city sanitation. Victoria in Zimbabwe featured as the city in Africa with the best city sanitation, with an overall global ranking of 58.

Vienna was ranked the top city in the world in terms of standard of living for the ninth year in a row. It is followed by Zurich, with Auckland and Munich in joint third place.

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Lucinda Dordley

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