Residents in Table View and surrounding areas have reported an unbearable, unpleasant, stench in the air since the start of the new year and they are at their wits ends because of it. Some are unable to open their windows as there are more flies than usual as a result of the smell. The City says the water treatment plant is to blame and there is not much they can do to resolve the issue.

Over the course of the past week, the extreme hot weather has strengthened the the stench in the following areas:

– Table View

– Flamingo Vlei

– Parklands

– Milnerton

– Postdam

Speaking to The South African, Mayco Member for Water and Waste Services for the City of Cape Town Xanthea Limberg, said that a stockpile of sludge at a water treatment plant is to blame for the foul smell. The City has been covering and applying an odour suppressant to the build-up to minimise the stench as far as possible, but there is currently no long-term solution as there have been “issues” with tender contracts.

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