A brand new restaurant has received a lot of negative feedback after its opening weekend because of its controversial name.

Initially called “Floozies Flip and Dip”, the burger and pizza restaurant was called out for choosing to use the derogatory term for sexually active women. The restaurant itself acknowledged this reference, using it as a platform to promote the many options of burgers customers would have.

In now-deleted Facebook and Instagram posts, the restaurant gained over 400 comments, mostly negative. Many of these pointed out the offensive nature of the name and how such terms contribute to the ongoing violence targeted at women in South Africa. Many pointed out that the offensive restaurant name was unveiled the same weekend that people were protesting gender-based violence in the country.

Screenshot of the deleted post.

It was also mentioned that the restaurant has allegedly been denied a liquor license unless they changed the offensive name.

After a wave of comments and shares, the Facebook and Instagram pages were altered as well as the word “Floozies” having been removed, and changing the logo and name to only “Flip and Dip.”

This quick change without an apology didn’t go unnoticed, with comments on the damage control not being enough.

Floozies had not responded to Cape Town ETC’s request for comment by the time of publication. 

Picture: Caitlin Louise/Facebook

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