A video is doing this rounds of a road rage incident which took place in Paarl earlier this week.

The footage, filmed by Egan Vorster and uploaded to Live Leak, shows a clearly-angered motorist confronting, verbally abusing and then attacking the uploader of the video. According to Vorster, the motorist accused him of not maintaining a safe following distance.

A vulgar display of hostility, racism and aggression ensues, with Vorster getting hit in the face with what appears to be a baseball bat. Police are currently tracking down the other driver to hear his side of the story.

As they say, there are two sides to every story. Was Vorster driving and texting at the same time? And was he right to further agitate the angered motorist by following him after the incident? We’re sure there is more to come out of this story.

Note: the following video contains strong language. 


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