It was bound to happen sooner or later (probably the former when you take into account that the electric car movement is sweeping the globe and is here to stay).

Cape Town is currently being considered by automotive manufacturers BMW and Nissan as South Africa’s first electric car-charging hub. It may sound futuristic, but electric cars are nothing new in South Africa, Nissan having brought the Leaf to our market in 2010 and BMW launching the electric i3 and i8 models last year.

Does this mean that we could be in for a radical transition to electric cars? Not at all. The government failed to deliver on installing 50 electric car-charging points in Gauteng in 2012 due to uncertainty about who would be responsible for the infrastructure and the associated costs. BMW and Nissan are now taking a hands-on approach to speed up the process.

Electric cars are fantastic, no doubts there, but mostly unfeasible when you add load-shedding to the equation.

Solar-powered electric car chargers anyone?
Solar-powered electric car chargers anyone?

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