Capetonians, grab the blankets and heaters (provided Eskom allows us to) – the Western Cape is set for an even lower drop in temperature which could bring snow.

A snowfall alert has been issued due to the conditions and Snow Report South Africa is reporting on new areas in the Western Cape that would be affected.

In recent years, Table Mountain has been receiving a light dusting of snow in the peak winter months, a rare event that I cannot recall happening too often while growing up here.

Having said that, there have been times in the past where Table Mountain has received a righteous dusting of the powder, but the last case of this happening was nearly 100 years ago. There have even been accounts of snow falling down in Rondebosch and Muizenberg, so I’m not going to rule anything out with this current icy cold front.

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Meteorologists are predicting a long and cold winter 2015. This is a particularly interesting cold front that we are currently experiencing and conditions could very well be favourable for snow close to the city, if not on Table Mountain again. Then again we could just get hail – an absurd amount of hail like in the video below.

To our upcountry neighbours, excuse our excitement – snow is still kind of a big deal to us.

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