Eskom has announced that there will be Stage 2 load-shedding today. Based on their track record of perhaps slightly inaccurate statements, who actually knows what this means. Yesterday we were briefed that Stage 1 will be in effect and subsequently thousands flocked to the load-shedding schedule website, but it was wildly inaccurate. Yes there were power cuts, but not really in line with the schedule.

It would appear that from 8 am – 11 pm today rolling blackouts are planned. Read more about today’s proposed load-shedding here.

Excuse the pun but we are in the dark when it comes to finding out something as simple as knowing when our area will be hit. But all is not doom and gloom (occasionally gloom but hey – we have candles). Moonlightmass took place last night proving that a lot of people can still have a lot of fun without having to rely on Eskom. For those unfamiliar with what Moonlightmass is, it is a public cycle ride through the city that happens every full moon.

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