Lookout, Cape Town! The South African Weather Service (SAWS) says Capetonians can expect a 30% chance of rain on Tuesday [March 9], while Wednesday [March 10], will bring an 80% chance of rainfall.

Some flooding of roads is expected by Wednesday too. So be sure to carry an umbrella with you and your raincoat.

Weather for Tuesday:

Weather for Wednesday:

While the odd summer rainfall can surprise citizens, the wet weather warning should prompt people to check that they are covered for possible water damage. Marius Steyn, Personal Lines Underwriting at Santam provided four tips on what to do if your house or vehicle is affected.

“The typical things that people claim for are water damage to buildings, e.g. walls, ceilings, carpets, laminated or wooden flooring and built-in cupboards; wind damage to roofs, facia boards, and gutters; and flooding of buildings. Often consumers don’t know what to do when their goods or property is affected or damaged.

The claims process varies depending on the insurer. Below, Santam provides four common tips to keep in mind when starting a claim process:

– Know your rights and responsibilities by reviewing your insurance policy

– Check whether your policy covers the damage you’re dealing with

– Ensure you know the deadline for filing a claim

– Speak to your broker to make sure you are not underinsured, especially if the amount of your claim is less than the valuation of the repairs

Prevention is also always better than cure and Steyn shares the following additional tips:


– Continue to clear gutters and stormwater drains of debris to ensure less chance of overflow that could lead to water push backs and potential water damage.

– Inspect the roof regularly and be vigilant about maintaining it. A poorly maintained roof could render an insurance claim illegitimate.

– Keep trees and shrubs trimmed to prevent branch or debris damage to a home.

– Secure outdoor furniture or move it undercover.

– Ensure that your home and household contents are insured for the correct replacement value.


– Ensure that your wiper blades are in good working order

– Tyres are correctly inflated and have thread within legal parameters

– Prevent unnecessary driving in adverse weather conditions

Steyn continues that having a short-term insurance policy that covers your risks well in the event of a claim is critical during times of adverse weather conditions.

“Ensure that your home, your business and its contents, as well as your vehicle, are adequately insured so that your insurer can pay out your claim.”

Santam will issue weather warnings to policyholders who may be affected by the heavy rains.

Picture/s: Unsplash/South African weather services

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