Man has always sat with the question: Are we alone in the world? For decades, people have been trying to find evidence that supports the theory that there is life abound in the universe besides what is found on Earth.

This search has spawned both scientific investigations, with projects such as the Mars Rover projects wherein NASA sent a retrieval bot to search for signs of life on the red planet, or informal ones such as people filming strange lights in the sky and asking “What’s that?” via social media.

Our fascination with the search for signs of alien life has also infiltrated mainstream media, with famous shows such as The X Files and Ancient Aliens playing on television sets across the world. Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been reported in most major cities across the world, but what about Cape Town?

Recently, a YouTube channel uploaded a video titled “CAPE TOWN UFO SIGHTING”, showing a strange green glow in the sky. The video was recorded from the balcony of an apartment at The Sentinal Luxury Apartment Building on Tuesday, February 16.

While there is no evidence to support that this was a UFO, it is still a curious sight. What do you think it was?

Earlier this month, on February 5, a number of Capetonians took to social media after seeing a string of lights streak through the sky before quickly disappearing. Those who were lucky enough to capture the event in photographs or video turned to social media to seek answers.

Unsurprisingly, several users commented that the lights were an indication of an alien presence. The real explanation is not as farfetched, but it is just as exciting.

On Thursday, February 4, Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched 60 Starlink satellites from its Space Launch Complex 40 in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and the lights were related to this.

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Starlink satellites light up Cape Town skies

Picture: Screengrab from video

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