There have been a number of car accidents and fatalities over the long weekend in the Western Cape, as more people begin venturing out onto the roads.

Long weekends are known to increase traffic accidents as more people are on the road, and the rainy weather conditions and flooding further exacerbated poor driving conditions across the province.

According to SABC, on Sunday, August 9 six people were killed in a car crash on the R27 near Silwerstroom. One of the vehicles burnt out as a result of the collision. The scene has since been cleared.

The same evening there was also another fatal crash on the N2 between the R300 and Mew Way.

According to 1second-CPT, two vehicles collided head-on outside Wolseley, resulting in three fatalities from the one vehicle.

Arrive Alive has urged residents returning from their holiday’s to drive carefully, be cautious when driving in the rainy weather and around mountain passes.

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