Carte Blanche guest presenter Masa Kekana had a baptism by fire on her first day on set. Kekana, along with the production crew, were filming a segment about the introduction of more CCTV cameras in Johannesburg when they were robbed by armed assailants.

As reported by The South African, the team were discussing the moral dilemma of sacrificing civil liberties to be safer in the streets of South African for the segment when they were approached by an unknown vehicle.

“What are the odds, while covering a story on security surveillance cameras, of us getting robbed of our camera equipment, laptops and cell phones? It was one of the scariest moments to see strangers walk into the producers’ house, carrying a gun,” Kekana said. “According to the footage we saw after the robbery, the guys drove around us a few times, then two of them were dropped off where they stood under a tree and watched us film the interview. In that way, they had time to assess us, how many of us there were, whether we could be armed, what the possible threats would be. Gathering information.”

The incident is reported to have taken place in the Blairgowrie area in Sandton’s west, where poles have already been erected to mount CCTV cameras. This was done without the discretion of the local Neighbourhood Residents Association, who are yet to agree to the installation of the cameras.

Video footage recorded of the incident was used in an insert on Carte Blanche:

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