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The Animal Welfare Society of South Africa (AWS) is making an urgent plea to cat owners to have their pets sterilised. This comes after a cat affectionately named Lucky was burned with scalding hot water to stop him from mating with other cats in the neighbourhood.

“One of the forgotten benefits is a suppression of the pets desire to stray,” AWS said via a post Facebook. “Unfortunately for Lucky – who could be Sylvester’s double due to his remarkable resemblance to this mischievous cartoon character – his owner left him unvaccinated, unsterilised and free to ‘terrorise’ the neighbourhood.”

“A few days ago his gallivanting ways almost costed him his life when someone cornered him and cruelly poured boiling hot water down the length of his spine.”

Lucky’s owner brought him in due to excessive scratching and fur loss, as she thought his injuries had been caused in a particularly violent cat fight.

“She was stunned to learn that his itchiness and fur loss was due to painful, 2nd degree scald burns that has started to scab and become infected,” AWS said. “We immediately admitted Lucky for a drip and treatment in our recovery ward. He is doing well and since being on treatment and sterilised, appears to be a lot less frustrated.”

Cat scalded for mating across neighbourhood
Lucky the cat was scalded with hot water.
Cat scalded for mating across neighbourhood
Lucky being treated for his wounds.
“Sterilising your pet(s) will greatly reduce their wanderlust and go a long way towards preventing them from being harmed by intolerant neighbours,” the organisation added.
To make an appointment to have your pet sterilised, please contact AWS on 021 692 2626.
Picture: Supplied/AWS

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