Criminals seem to be becoming more and more creative when it comes to stopping motorists or getting drivers to leave their vehicles in order to hijack them, and a recent incident involving cement was possibly the most dangerous and creative method yet.

While travelling along the N1 just after the Botha Laan offramp, local Schalk Jacobsz got a horrible shock when wet cement was thrown onto his car from above as he was passing under the Jean Ave Bridge on the M34.

Jacobsz’s car after the incident.

The cement covered his windscreen, obstructing his view while he was driving and forcing him to bring his vehicle to a halt in order to prevent an accident and so he could attempt to clear the windscreen.

As Jacobsz exited the car to clean his windscreen, he saw six men who appeared seemingly out of nowhere and began to run towards his car.

The cement on Jacobsz’s car spread from the bonnet to the windscreen of the car.

Jacobsz reacted instantly, getting back in the car and speeding off just in the nick of time, escaping the assailants.

“Luckily for my safety I was able to get away fast enough. Everyone be on the lookout and don’t stop if this happens to you, keep going. Be safe,” said Jacobsz, who posted about the incident on Facebook.

Jacobsz was lucky enough to escape the dangerous situation with his life, car and all of his possessions intact, but another driver might have not been so lucky.

Residents are urged to be aware of new hijacking methods such as this while travelling on roads, especially in more dangerous and remote areas.

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Pictures: Schalk Jacobsz

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