The City of Cape Town will hold a special full council meeting this morning to discuss alleged tender irregularities related to the City’s projects.

EWN reporter Lindsay Dentlinger says the meeting is closed to the public to allow discussion on whether to take disciplinary steps against two senior executives.

“In recent weeks, the transport commissioner, Melissa Whitehead, has come under fire for alleged irregularities with not just one tender irregularity but a few. One of those involves the electric buses and another involves a very novel project by the City which I’m sure it I’m sure it doesn’t want to be overshadowed by tender irregularities and that has got to do with those unfinished bridges on the foreshore as well as the developments of social housing.” said Dentlinger.

Melissa Whitehead may have allegedly tried to manipulate the process in favour of a certain preferred bidder, she said.

Dentlinger also said the panel that was considering the tender proposals was dissolved and a new one was put in place.

“This has raised suspicions of those involved in the bidding process as to why that has happened” she said.

“These allegations appear to be so serious that there was a push within the DA to deal with this matter as soon as possible,” concluded Dentlinger.

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