The City of Cape Town’s Law Enforcement have seen an uptick in alcohol consumption on Cape beaches since regulations were eased.

Despite it being illegal to bring alcohol to the beach at anytime, many often try sneak in a few bottles. This has resulted in over 200 alcohol bottles being confiscated from beachgoers since the alcohol ban was lifted.

“Beaches have only been open since last week, and already Law Enforcement has confiscated 192 bottles of alcohol since then,” Law Enforcement spokesperson Wayne Dyason told IOL. “It is illegal to bring alcohol onto the beach. Those who do so are committing a crime and will be liable to the confiscation of their alcohol as well as a fine and/or arrest.”

The reason alcohol has long been banned from beaches is because of the risks posed by drunk swimmers. The lowering of inhibitions caused by alcohol results in swimmers taking more risks and increasing the chance of harming themselves.

The NSRI has already urged swimmers to be careful as they have seen an increase in near-drowning incidences each weekend since beaches opened. 

Rescue services urge swimmers to only get into the water on beaches where lifeguards are present.

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