The Cape Animal Welfare Forum (CAWF) together with the City’s Safety and Security Directorate will once again work together to promote and support animal adoption.

On March 18, JP Smith together with the Chairperson of CAWF, Karen de Klerk, visited the Animal Welfare Society (AWS) in Philippi.

The visit aimed to support and raise awareness around responsible pet adoption, as part of an adoption drive facilitated by CAWF.

“Animal welfare is a very important issue, and the City has developed a strong working relationship with the animal welfare sector. Apart from sterilization drives and other animal safety initiatives, we also want to help give thousands of cats and dogs a chance of finding a forever home,” said Smith.

The Cape Animal Welfare Forum consists of 37 member organizations that meet quarterly to find solutions to a range of challenges in the sector.

With well over a thousand animals (on average), including dogs, cats and horses cared for at shelters throughout the metropole, there is a dire need for adoption.

“We try to support, share and encourage each other in our mission statements and we also try to find solutions to problems.  It is not easy and there is no quick fix to animal welfare challenges, but together, we can accomplish more,” said the Chairperson of Cape Animal Welfare Forum, Karen de Klerk.

This year, CAWF plans to reach a number of animal adoption organisations in an attempt to inform and encourage members of the public who may wish to bring a pet into their home. It is CAWF and the City’s intention to ease the burden on welfare organisations by publicising details of animals in need of homes and encouraging support for the organisations that work to advance animal welfare.

“We are honoured to be able to support and work together with organisations such as CAWF.  We would like to encourage residents who are in a position to adopt, to approach and support the organisation,” added Smith.

Picture: City of Cape Town

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