The Cape may only have a few more days of sunny weather left, as two low-pressure systems are predicted to impact the country over the coming weekend.

According to Afriwx Weather’s Facebook page, a cold front is expected to hit on Friday evening [September 25], and this will bring moderate to heavy rains to the Western Cape. Strong winds are also expected to impact the province.

“This first cold front could also bring light rain to the extreme western parts of the Northern Cape, southern Namibia, and parts of the Eastern Cape and Kwazulu-Natal,” the page said. “Our weather models also show another cold front arriving Sunday which looks rather promising at this point in time but remember these are still early forecasts and may change. We will keep you updated.”

According to AccuWeather, there is a 90% chance of precipitation on Friday, September 25. Temperatures will range between 15°C and 10°C .

Saturday, September 26 is expected to bring scattered showers and a high of 13°C, while Sunday, September 27 will bring a high of 14°C.

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Picture: Pixabay

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