How’s this for a seriously cool pensioner – an elderly woman decided to take matters into her own hands after being accosted by two thieves in St James (near Muizenberg) yesterday.

Although probably not the coolest granny in Cape Town, 72-year-old Yvonne Viljoen is right up there after her brave decision to chase down the pair of thieves who snatched her bag after first attempting to relieve her of her necklace.

It started with Yvonne being confronted by two well-dressed ‘gentlemen’, who asked her if she wouldn’t mind handing over her necklace to them. They then pointed to her bag and proceeded to tug it off her shoulder – her response being a swift kick to the stomach of one assailant. The man momentarily lost his balance and the pair bolted away with the bag, but Yvonne just wasn’t having it.

Fortunately our cool pensioner is an active swimmer and cyclist, and she gave chase. The pair attempted to hide but she found them cowering in a tiny alleyway, and the chase continued. By now a passing motorist had become involved and a group of men passing by pointed out the new hiding place of the thieves – in the bathing boxes at St James beach.

Having nowhere left to run, the thieves were caught and taken to Muizenberg police station by the Mountain Men, where they were charged with robbery.

Well done to Yvonne for standing up to the thieves and to everybody who helped out. Age ain’t nothing but a state of mind.

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