Residents living in complexes and estates are urged to stick to the lockdown rules as police have confirmed that the same rules apply to enclosed communities.

Many locals were upset when it was announced that dog walking and jogging would not be allowed under lockdown rules. Authorities have confirmed that these restrictions extend to complexes and estates as well.

Police have received a number of inquiries regarding whether regulations apply to enclosed communities.

β€œThe regulations also apply to people living within estates/complexes meaning no walking, jogging or walking of pets within closed estates/complexes is allowed,” said National police spokesperson Brig Vish Naidoo in a statement.

Authorities are calling on estate and complex managers to do their part in ensuring regulations are followed.

β€œThe fundamental purpose of lockdown is to drastically reduce the movement of people in order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Your assistance in this regard will be highly appreciated. Be safe,” adds Naidoo.

As South Africa heads into another day of lockdown, only time will tell if our efforts are successful.

Picture: Pexels

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