The well-known and well-loved Ndlovu Youth Choir took to social media on Wednesday, March 11 to provide some advice about how we should deal with the coronavirus outbreak. In a video, the group performs a song and dance, using their lyrics to encourage hygenic habits.

The song is in isiZulu in their original post, but they later reposted the video with English subtitles, so that those who are not fluent in the language can enjoy it too.

“There are already many dangerous myths and misunderstandings about the Coronavius/COVID-19. We would like to assist by sharing a short video where we explain some basic guidelines,” the group said in their original tweet.

Included in their advice are useful tips such as, “don’t spread rumours”, “don’t panic”, “don’t touch your face”, and “wash your hands thoroughly”.

The groups aims to share the correct information and encourage taking precautionary measures to ensure the virus will not cause too much harm. “We will beat corona,” they sing.

Other Twitter users responded very positively, with WONCA Africa requesting a download link so that they can show their patients, community, and health care workers.

“A public service announcement that doesn’t spread panic. Instead, it makes you wanna dance,” said another user.

Picture: Twitter / Ndlovu Youth Choir

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