Amid the coronavirus pandemic, locals have started an educational and supportive group for the nation to unite and learn about COVID-19.

While some residents across South Africa may be sharing jokes or taking the situation lightly, this new group is doing nothing of the sort. “Amusing” coronavirus images or jokes are strictly banned from the group and members are being encouraged to share their questions, concerns and stories.

The group aims to share relevant and real news while uniting to rise against the fear or concerns raised by the virus’ presence in the country.

The rules of the group include no gossip, speculation or sharing of fake news, no racist remarks and remaining positive at all times.

As of Tuesday, March 18 the group has attracted over 10 000 members and is growing steadily since its creation on March 15, 2020.

Those looking to join the conversation and share their concerns with like-minded South Africans can do so by joining the group here.

The group is a safe space for asking questions, double-checking the status of the virus in South Africa and sharing opinions.

Many who are part of the group feel that the country has the ability to rise above problems and that nothing can stop us as long as we are united. There’s no better time than during a pandemic to put that theory to the test and help each other cope with what’s ahead.

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