As the coronavirus sweeps through the nation and the globe, health experts are advising people to do all they can to flatten the curve and reduce their risks when it comes to contracting the virus. Vaping and smoking have been singled out as habits that can put you most at risk when it comes to being infected with COVID-19.

Health experts have stated that individuals who continue to smoke are putting themselves in danger. This habit can make you more susceptible to the dangers of the virus in a significant way.

As of March 30, the total number of infections is at 724 566, with over 34 000 deaths and more than 150 000 recovered patients.

South Africa has a total of 1280 confirmed cases and two deaths.

While South Africa attempts to turn the tide on this dangerous virus, it is important for residents to do all we can to reduce our risk and stay healthy.

Frequent smoking or vaping can impair a healthy immune system and increase the deadly risks related to the virus. Respiratory experts say it would be wise of individuals with these habits to quit, at least for the time being.

The lungs and respiratory system of avid smokers are far more susceptible to the virus than those of a non-smoker. The coronavirus is known to target this area specifically and this coupled with a weaker immune system provides the perfect chance for infection and severe symptoms.

Professor Keir Lewis, Head of Respiratory Medicine at Swansea University, says smokers can also have damaged cells protecting their nose and airways, making them more likely to develop lung problems once they have contracted the virus. According to Lewis, most smokers already have lung conditions that could put them at even greater risk.

If you or someone you know, hasn’t been able to kick this nasty habit just yet, this may be the perfect chance.

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