Wearing a mask is not something most South Africans are naturally accustomed to. With the introduction of Level 3 lockdown regulations, all residents are required to wear cloth masks in public and stores may refuse entry without one.

If you want to make sure you’re doing it right, here are a few tips to help you along.

1. Tips for wearing a cloth mask

– One of the most important steps often skipped by those who put on their mask is to ensure your hands are cleansed and sanitised with alcohol-based sanitiser before you start putting your mask on

– Hold your mask so that the loops are over your ears or so that the straps are around your head and ensure that when it is placed on your face it is covering both your nose and mouth fully

– Try and avoid touching your mask once it is on your face

– Remove your mask from behind, where the ear loops or straps are, and ensure that you clean it with every use

– If you do have to take your mask off for eating or whatever other reason during the day, it is advised to carry a zip lock bag and fold your mask, with the side that your face was on inwards, and take it out again later to wear. This must be done repeating the step of cleaning your hands, this is why it is important to carry a sanitiser with you to use

2. Wearing a mask with glasses

One of the biggest challenges for some when wearing a mask is preventing their glasses from fogging up. If you have this problem here are some tips that will help.

– Always wash your hands before you begin cleaning your glasses or putting on your mask

– Wet your glasses and lather the lenses with soap, be gentle and thorough

– Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean towel or lens cloth, making sure to use something that will not scratch your lenses. Once this process is complete, your glasses will no longer fog up when worn with a mask

3. How to make a mask

If like many out there, you don’t have the money to buy a mask or you’re not sure where to get one, making a mask is also an option.

You don’t need to be a sewing whizz, simply follow the easy tutorial below or rather buy PPE face masks here:

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