What stories have people been reading the most this week? Was it the Melkbosstrand roads that turned into oceans and had people surfing? Perhaps it was the spectator who caused a massive crash at the Tour de France? Here’s the countdown.

10. At number 10, we have the Melkbosstrand roads that flooded and had people surfing the streets, quite literally.

WATCH: Melkbosstrand roads flooded – some were concerned, others went surfing

9.There was a massive crash caused by a spectator at the Tour de France.

WATCH: Spectator who caused massive crash at Tour de France gets arrested

8.A mystery boat saw 20 dead bodies on board 1.5km off the Grand Turk. 

Mystery boat with 20 dead bodies on board in the Atlantic

7.Oscars Arc had accused the Animal Welfare Society of being a “kill shelter”, and they were definitely barking up the wrong tree.

Oscars Arc barking up the wrong tree

6.Ways to combat Climate change, from what we can do to what the city is doing.

Let’s ACT. For a Stronger Cape Town

5.And so lockdown level 4 actually came.

Alert level four seems inevitable – here’s what we’re looking at

4.Cape Town’s weather was actually terrifying this past week.

Another weather warning issued for the Western Cape, as winds expected to wreak havoc

3.At number three we have the story of the Miss SA hopeful who started life as an abandoned baby in a box.

Abandoned in a box as a baby to Miss SA dreams

2.Pretty Yende spoke about her trauma and experience after she was detained in the Charles de Gaulle Airport, France.

SA Opera songbird detained in France, “Police brutality is real for someone who looks like me”

1.And at number one, a Cape Town woman was arrested for being in possession of drugs worth roughly R240 000.

Cape Town woman caught with R240 000 worth of Mandrax tablets

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