South African theatre legend, Dawn Lindberg has died as a result of COVID-19 complications. She rose to prominence as part of the husband and wife duo Des & Dawn and was also the founder and CEO of the Naledi Theatre Awards.

Dawn was 75 years old at her time of death, which was logged in the early hours of Tuesday morning [December 8]. The South African Legends Museum broke the news shortly after midnight, but it is not clear whether she passed away in her Johannesburg home, or in hospital.

Dawn and her husband made a name for themselves in the ’60s when they toured the country and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) as folk musicians. They were well-known for being socially-conscious and embarked on a mission to try to alter South Africa’s thinking during Apartheid.

In 1973, the pair put on the country’s first multi-racial musical called Godspell, which opened in Maseru, Lesotho before coming to South Africa.

Picture: Government ZA/Twitter

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