The courageous story of Julia Albu, the 80-year-old granny who traveled from Cape Town to London in a Toyota Conquest, defeating the odds and visiting eleven African and nine European countries along the way, inspired and tugged at the heartstrings of many. After completing her trip, Albu was admitted to hospital and began a new battle.

Albu has been an inspiration to many with her can-do attitude and determination to tick off things her bucket list along her amazing journey. She visited many new places and made unique friends along the way that will last a lifetime.

When Albu returned to Cape Town after her epic journey, she arrived feeling “simply terrible” and what she believed would be a quick check up turned into a health nightmare.

Albu was admitted to hospital on July 31 with pneumonia and various other health complications that could not be identified. Her health experienced ups and downs, blurred together with oxygen masks and knee pain that prevented her from moving freely. She was later diagnosed with Bilharzia and had to begin toxic treatments right away which set her health back a few notches. Her condition took a turn for the worst as the pneumonia refused to budge and her body took a battering.

Nonetheless, Albu fought back with a will of iron and a bright smile that lit up the ward she was staying in, leaving doctors gobsmacked. Now on the road to recovery, Albu has pulled herself through the worst over the past 3 weeks that was much, much, harder than anything Africa or Europe threw at her and Tracy the faithful Toyota Conquest.

Through sheer grit and determination, this phenomenal woman fought back against pneumonia, renal failure, Bilharzia, as well as other things her doctors weren’t able to identify and probably never will. We are happy to report that this lovely lady will stick around a while longer to inspire us all.


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