Students of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) who live at the New Market Junction – which is a student housing centre – protested on Friday, October 23 as a result of connectivity glitches. The protest has continued on Monday, October 27.

South Point has released a statement condemning the protest, saying it has negatively impacted the safe and peaceful living environment of other residents in the Woodstock area.

CPUT students are protesting as a result of connectivity issues (Source: 1Second-CPT)

“SouthPoint’s IT team was on site at NewMarket Junction on Wednesday, 21 October, to assist students with connectivity issues after rebooting the system’s update authentication. Protests began on that day with students demanding free uncapped Wi-Fi, ultimately resulting in the building’s close-down by Friday, 23 October with SouthPoint staff (including its IT team) and security being removed from the premises,” the statement said.

Students reportedly threw rubble and burning tyres in the road to ensure their plight received attention.

Picture: Pixabay

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