There is a growing demand for skills in the finance, ICT, manufacturing, business & management sectors, according to the latest jobs index by CareerJunction.

CareerJunction recently released its monthly jobs index for February 2018, which indicates which jobs are currently the most in demand in South Africa.

According to the recruitment agency’s job portal, very little change in recruitment occurred from January to February 2018, with the February index settling just below the 100 point mark. This indicates a job activity increase of only 1%.

The recruitment firm also said that growth has continued in the finance, information and communication technology (ICT), manufacturing and the business & management sectors. Vacancy levels were down by between 12% to 30% for architects, engineers and professionals in the marketing and sales industries.

Trending jobs for February include switchboard/reception, infrastructure/operations consulting and Human Resources.


Average salary offerings for intermediate level positions:

– GP: R9,071 to R11,711 p.m.

– WC: R6,756 to R8,219 p.m.

– KZN: R6,619 to R8,122 p.m.

Infrastructure / Operations Consulting

Average salary offerings for intermediate level positions:

– GP: R31,351 to R40,658 p.m.

– WC: R25,063 to R36,125 p.m.

– KZN: R26,843 to R33,255 p.m.

Human Resources

Average salary offerings for intermediate level positions:

– GP: R24,773 to R26,568 p.m.

– WC: R18,623 to R23,364 p.m.

– KZN: R17,125 to R18,917 p.m.

CareerJunction lists the most wanted skills in January as software development, middle management/department management and representatives/sales consulting.

Generally, the most sought-after sectors include IT, business & management and finance. Thereafter, sales, admin, office & support, and architecture & engineering sectors follow.

Despite the demand for job applicants in the architecture and engineering sectors, the demand is not as high as it used to be.

There are currently 1 137 jobs available in the Cape Town region, and and overall 2 282 jobs available in the Western Cape region.

According to STATS SA, the unemployment rate in the Western Cape in 2017 is 23.6%.

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