The dismembered body of a man was found inside a suitcase in an underpass in Athlone. Upon opening the suitcase witnesses found a body but the head and arm were missing.

This gruesome discovery was made at 6am on Sunday, December 27 according to witnesses, says IOL.

A suspect allegedly placed the suitcase with the body in the underpass near the Hazendal train station before setting it alight. Personnel from the station saw the incident and rushed over to put out the fire as the suspect ran away.

“On Sunday morning at around 6am, a body of an unknown male was found in a suitcase at Hazendal railway station in Athlone,” confirmed Police spokesman Colonel André Traut. “A suspect was seen carrying the suitcase and setting it alight. The body was decapitated and the head and arm are still being sought.”

So far no arrests have been made, however, an investigation into these horrific events is underway.

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